Seth Godin and Fractals

Tue, Jul 21, 2009

Random Thoughts by Mark L. Fox

I wonder is Seth has ever heard of a Fractal.

As most of you know, I almost never post articles one day right after another on Tangent Time. I am always trying to be respectful of your time.

But I want to make an exception today because I think this video is a great follow up to yesterday’s post: Facebook and Fractals.

I have seen this video of Seth Godin several times and just watched it again while doing some research. Maybe a lot of you have seen it already as well, but I am sure some have not.

Read the Facebook and Fractals post again and then watch this video.

Hopefully you will see some interesting connections. If not, it’s still worth your time; Seth usually has interesting things to say.

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Mark L. Fox

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