3-1-2 – The right combination

Sat, Feb 27, 2010

Random Thoughts by Mark L. Fox

My friend Roy Williams told me years ago that the best way to develop a killer advertisement is to follow these steps in this order of priority:

3 – Start with the end first. What is the Last Mental Image (LMI) you want your audience to have stuck in their head after they have read or seen your ad?

1 – How to begin. That is the 2nd most important step. What is the First Mental Image (FMI) you want your audience to have. Is the FMI impactful enough that it grabs your attention and makes you stop thinking about whatever you were thinking about just one second before.

 It has to be really different to work.

2 – What to leave out. The last step is to figure out what to leave out of the message to make it more interesting and impactful. We all tend to give too much information. We make it too long and boring.

Another  friend of mine, David Freeman,  is an expert consultant in making Hollywood movies. They have a term for it in Tinseltown called FSD: First Shitty Draft.

Everyone starts out with garbage the 1st go around, so don’t get discouraged. David told me most of Dan Aykroyd’s FSD’s are off the scales on the “S” factor. It takes even Dan many, many versions to get it right.  Just right the ad then go back again and again to make it better before you go live with it.

Watch this advertisement. I think it does a beautiful job of applying these principles.

What was your LMI? What was your FMI? What did they leave out to make it more interesting and memorable ?

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6 Responses to “3-1-2 – The right combination”

  1. Great first draft Mark! Looking forward to the next published draft.

  2. Lydia Owen says:

    Dan Aykroyd is a classical comedian, i love Coneheads movie`.-

  3. Dan Aykroyd can have some bad and corny comedy movies too but he is a great comedian~:;

  4. UV Paint : says:

    the thing that i like about Dan Aykroyd is the way he makes those funny moves.;~

  5. you can always say that Dan Aykroyd is a very talented actor and a nice comedian :*”

  6. Chet Rome says:

    I always admire Dan Aykroyd because he has a very funny way of doing comedy. He is also a very talented actor. ;”;;* Take care

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