May 2-3 Weekend

Barb wanted us to start documenting things we do while we are in California and to take more pictures of our lives. So here we go;

Happy hour at Marvin Gardens Friday night


Then the wine bar after dinner……crazy chick in blue got the guy next to her thrown out of the bar, but then tried to pick him up ?


Saturday lunch, Rainbow Pizza in Crystal Springs, CA. Yelp! said it was the best pizza ever. As you can see it has way to much meat.

I never had a Russian beer before so I order it. I did not know ts was a big beer. Lets do the math;

1 pint, 9 ounces = 25 ounces
12 oz normal beer is 3.2 % ABV
This one is 8%
25/12 * 8/3.2 = 5.2 normal beers

Basically a 6-pack in one bottle – That will get you were you need to be quickly.

Russian Beer

The tested out my new bubble formulation before golf



Lunch the next day at Poplar golf course….BLTA (A for avocado) on its way to the table.

Golf Course Lunch

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