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Why did it take so long for American Idol to add a 4th judge?









What were they thinking?

By not doing so, the producers were not capitalizing on a proven selling method that has been around since Julius Caesar.

In “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” Dale Carnegie did not specifically talk about the four dominate personality traits in humans. But his entire book emphasis the results of doing so; talking to people in their own language. That is why the book is still a big seller, year after year, since 1936.

People come in 4 flavors;  Methodical, Competitive, Humanistic, and Spontaneous

American Idol was not completely; Selling the Judges to the TV viewing audience.

They were missing the 4th ingredient.

Methodical people are very business like. They need to have their ducks in a row before they can even take the first step. To be unprepared drives them crazy. Details, details, details.

On Thursday’s I have been accused of being Methodical. Today is Thursday, so I had to build an Excel spreadsheet to make my point. TV shows in bold at the top, and the missing link in red.






Competitive people are …well…you guessed it competitive. They are always learning new things to stay head of the game. They need to be in control. They can be intense and persuasive about getting their own way.

They will never let their wife drive.

The other days of the week I am mostly Competitive.

Spontaneous people are exactly as it sounds. When they go on vacation, they only pack what’s in the dryer. Always on the move….go, go, go.

Humanistics are “Care Bears.” They take care of everyone else. They get what is left on the plate when everyone else is through eating.

Most successful magazines have at least one statement or question (usually more) on the cover that is directed specifically at each of the personality traits. Notice that next time you’re at the checkout stand at the grocer.

Wizard of Oz = Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, and Dorothy
Star Trek = Capt Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Scotty
Golden Girls = Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia
Jefferson’s = George, Louise, Florence, and Helen

Two and a half men?

You can build your own excel chart.

Do you use this time tested knowledge in your business when you are communicating with employees and customers?

If you sell products on the web it is even more important.

Futurenow is the leading expert in the world on applying this science to the internet.

Check’ em out.

You’ll never watch a Sitcom or Movie the same way again.

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  1. Mark,
    Thanks for this useful insight. In just a few words you have provided me with an angle that I have been missing. Dale Carnegie couldn’t have said it better and i have read his work.
    I do have a question. When presenting content/communications to a broad audience, do I need to make sure I weave in and out of these four personality types? What tips do you have on how to do that?

  2. Great piece, Mark. Seinfeld is another example that comes to mind.

  3. Mark,

    I’m trying to figure out the link to the other 4 types of audience I have seen mentioned relating to Persuasion,
    which are, Hostile, Critical, Uninformed, and Sympathetic.

    Some seem to link up but others, not so much.


  4. Paula Abdul finally been give the timmy tack, excellent.

  5. I really loved the top 5 American idol group song last night. It was sad to see Aaron Kelly eliminated but I think the other contestants were better hence he had to go!

  6. I see American Idol winner Lee has recently signed up to RCA records. I can’t wait to hear his new album.

  7. everyone wants to watch americal idol because we love to hear beautiful voices. ‘`-

  8. Watching American Idol gave me the perspective that ther are really lots of talented people out there..-~

  9. I really think Donald Trump would be a better American Idol judge than Harry Connick Jr. – Trump isn’t afraid to express what he thinks and can be as outspoken as Simon Cowell.

  10. the new season of american idol definitely has some very good singers,                                    

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