More Bubble Research

I had to run a test to see if I could efficiently pump water 10 feet high to allow the bubble solution to gravity feed on to the ropes. So I used a tree as a test. The 1st set up worked great.

Two older ladies walked by and asked “what the hell are you up to ?”

“Are you giving an IV to the tree? ”



Below is the rope set up at 10 feet. This is a 1/4 to 1/3 scale of prototype to test out the concept. I want to use a 30-50 foot top “cross bar” using a nylon strap between 2 trees for the Guinness Book of World Record Attempt (I say attempt, but there is no doubt I will get it 🙂

I am still building the frame for the base, I had to take a break to go fly PPG.



One last cool thing is the soap container built it own geodesic dome when pouring it out



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