Class Reunion

“That’s because only 3 people didn’t smoke pot in high school:

You, Me, and one other person.

 I can’t remember who the 3rd was right now…but…

I know for sure it wasn’t HER”


“Why didn’t you ever like me?

“What are you talking about? What do you mean I didn’t like you? Of course I did!


“I am really good at this game. If I had my real clubs that’s when I would really shine!

Also I am really good at business and making money. I am a natural at it.”

“I guess you don’t need any help with personal confidence and self esteem?”

“Hey I just call it the way it is.”

“I guess it just went up another notch then…hey?”


“Hey, how’s it going?”


I don’t want to freak you out or anything….but several people told me you were dead!”


“Don’t make me tell the sailboat story again, that’s 10 times now!

Well OK.”

I told him to keep the boat straight for 18 seconds while I went to the cabin to get a beer. 10 seconds later; there was a girl unconscious, the need for 10 stitches, and the engine fell off the back of the boat.

Had to carry her across the river to a house. Call my mom to come pick us up…then there was the hospital scene…Oh yes… the hospital scene…


(She never spoke to you at the 10th or the 20th. Now it looks like she may say hello after 30 years)

“So where do you live now?

“At blah, blah. It is near blah.”

“Really? I live near such and such in the same town.

“Where is such and such?”

“By the thing-a-ma-jig.”

“I never heard of that.”

“By the wamp-wamp.”

“Never heard of that either.”

Silent stare.


“You are married with 4 kids and all 4 of them are girls!?

Oh my God, are you kidding? What is that like?”

“You can’t imagine what going out to dinner is like on Friday nights.”


“Where the hell is he?

“He said he was too good to come hang out with a bunch of losers like us.”

“I guess a lot hasn’t changed with him. Is he still good looking?

“Yes……in an “old” sort of way.”


“You don’t remember me?


“I lived across the street from you.”

“That’s impossible.”

“Are you kidding me? You don’t remember?”


“Look…I think you are very attractive, but you have to stop pulling me that close to you. It is starting to turn me on…and well that can’t possibly turn out good for several people.”


“Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday dear…



Group laughter.


“Why is it the people who live a mile from here can’t seem to get off their ass and show up?”


“Well you are right. I did hate you for a long time. But I think I am over it now. Let me grab another drink and think about it.”


“You look great, you lost weight didn’t you?”

“Yes…thanks,  me and my sister both thought it was getting out of hand and had to do something.”

“Thanks for noticing!”


“Get over here and say hi to my parents.”

“Why so they can yell at me again?”














I always look forward to class reunions. I mean I really do.

But I always know immediately afterwards I will experience contradicting emotions  simultaneously. It is almost impossible to explain.

I feel very joyful and excited that I got to see so many people, some after so many years. But then I feel bad because I didn’t get to spend enough time talking to each of them. Too many friends, too much to catch up on, and not enough time.

Wow…that is a cool problem to have. Too many friends. Imagine.


One of the board members at my Academy is a clinical psychologist.

He said: “The opposite of depression is not Yippee!, Yahoo! Or YeeHaw!

The opposite of “Depression” is “Gratitude.”

Maybe after this weekend I finally know what he means by that.

Depression vs. Gratitude.

With a 100 decisions to make a day, I figure I have come across about 2 million of them in my half of century on this planet.

What could’a, should’a been?

Who knows?

Did I always make the right decision?

Well of course not.

Wait a minute. What does “right” mean?


I am a pretty lucky guy.

I think I’ll be all right.

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  1. Nice introspective post Mark. I feel you. Cheers.

  2. The opposite of “Depression” is “Gratitude.”


  3. Ditto on “Too many friends, too much to catch up on and not enough time.”
    Thanks to you I don’t “waste any time” any more.

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