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Can a gay cowboy really be an expert in computer stuff?

I use Skype every day to make calls for my business. I don’t even have a landline anymore. I have used Skype from time to time for video conferencing, but I have never used it with my wife. I wanted to install Skype on her computer and purchase two webcams so we could stay in touch while she is traveling the world.

My wife is planning work trips to India, Brazil and China this year.

I am pretty computer savvy, but I was not up to speed on the latest web cams. So I started my Google search “web cam reviews” and one of the 1st things I came across was a guy named Cowboy Frank, who is a self proclaimed,  Gay Cowboy. Cowboy_Frank

I kinda chuckled and continued surfing.

Then I found two other articles from prominent computer review sites. They both gave reference and credibility to this Cowboy Frank guy. Hum? So I had to follow the links back to his Web Cam Reviews.

Sure enough this guy was an expert. His reviews saved me a lot of time and I ended up heading over to Best Buy to pick up two Logitech Pro 9000’s based on his advice. My wife and I are now all set to stay connected while she is gone.

So back To Frank Harrell, alias Cowboy Frank. What gives him the right to be the Web Cam Expert? Why is he the “go to guy” for web cam reviews? Does he have a degree in Computer Electronics or something?

My suspicion is he became the expert in web cams simply because:

• He decided to be an expert
• He took action to establish his credibility

He became the expert because he went out and tested a bunch of Web Cams and then wrote reviews on them. Simple, huh?

And that’s the ticket. The exact thing search engines are designed for; to provide the most reliable and useful content the web surfer is looking for. In my case it was Web Cam Reviews.

You can be an expert in your field too. You don’t have to be certified, be elected to the position, or have attended Harvard. Just decide what product, service or angle you want to take and provide useful content for your customers.

It may be a Cliché, but it is true; Content is King.

What products and services do you provide to customers? How can you become the expert in the field?

I’ll even bet Frank didn’t have to spend a ton of money on the Web Cams. I’ll bet he purchased a few as a hobby, then told other manufactures he was an expert and wanted to review their product as well. They most likely sent him product samples for free.

I decent chunk of my career was spent in the computer industry. I don’t know any manufacturer who wouldn’t gladly give away a free sample of their products if they were presented with a good One Page Proposal that convincingly explained:

• Why you are an expert
• How it will benefit them

My good friend Roy Williams once told me the recipe for writing a best seller is easy:

• Pick something you are really interested in
• Study it
• Study it some more
• Develop your own unique theory about what it means
• Test your theory
• Go write about it

Maybe this week I’ll decide to become an expert in Flat Screen TV’s.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot; Cowboy Frank gets 50,000 visitors a month to his Web Cam review page and has stated he can no longer respond to e-mails because it is so overwhelming.

Wouldn’t it be sweet for you to get 50,000 new customers a month who want to talk to you?

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  1. Frank is my guru. He taught me how to use a computer as well as write my own html code. This individual gives of his knowledge freely and joyfully. He has opened up new horizons for me–providing an endless tool–to create and learn. He is a gem! Deb

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