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I have had a moderate interest in crop circles for more than 25 years. I have never really pursued it much, just a general interest that fades in and out as the years goes by. Like most people I (sort of) believed (maybe) what the media has told us for decades; that they are all man-made hoaxes. But I hate the media; the truth is almost never captured.

Crop circles have been around for 1000’s of years, but became more popular in the media in the1980’s. But what started as simple circles in the 1980’s have increased in complexity at a dramatic rate. They have gone from simple circles to complex mathematical geometries, some up 6 + fold dimensions. Some just – well out there.

Just simply Google “crop formations” and hit the images tab. You will see what I mean.

In reading a bizarre book called “The Source Field Investigations” the author at the very end of the book mentioned crop formations. In fact he admitted he was afraid to even mention it in his book and lose credibility. But one formation that he had referenced I had not seen before really got my attention. It was formed in 2008.

It was this one;

No one knew what it really meant. Then one of the researchers said “What if the little circle near the center next to the big one was a decimal point?”.

Then this realization happened

So we have a crop formation that depicts pi to 10 digits. Of course if it is man-made, it is nothing more than a “very” cleaver hoax.

I contacted one of the researchers in the field about this particular formation. He had been in the formation personally and believed it was authentic; meaning not man-made. If this were true this took it to another level. It means there was a complex intelligence behind it.

A thought then started to fester in me; there have been 1000’s of these crop formations over 1000’s of years.

What if;

Of all the crop formations in the history of the world… Just One…was NOT man-made.

Would that not be an incredibly interesting phenomena?

So when my wife told her colleges at work she was “going with my husband to England for 2 weeks to research crop formations”

They said “You must really love your husband !!!”

It rained 90% of the time, I got robbed, but it was still one of my best vacations.

I have 100’s of pages I could write about the trip, but simply don’t have the time. I have tried to pull together some images here that capture my trip and research.

Knowl Down

This is the first crop circle I have ever entered. It was already 2 weeks old when we got to it – so a lot of it had been trampled by visitors. But there was still indications of authenticity – namely bent nodes and center swirls. When I described the bent nodes to my wife she simple said “well of course people just bent them by hand”

I said “Try it. Try to bend one of these straight ones outside the crop circle with your hand”

Of course it snapped and looked nothing like the bent ones inside the circle.

Silbury Hill

This was the next crop circle we entered. It was about 10 days old. A very common phenomena with genuine crop circles is there is a lingering energy that commonly fries electronic equipment and cameras. I knew this from my earlier research which is why I brought 3 cameras. I took several pictures with no problems. But when I put the camera on the camera bag about 4 inches off the ground to take the picture of me and Barb…it partially fried my camera sensor. It now blinks with weird images every time a take a picture. The camera is still screwed up 🙂


This was the first crop circle we got to investigate that was only a few hours old. Everyone you see in this field are the 1st people to arrive. Of course it was a simple single circle, but it was really cool being so fresh. I inspected over a 100 strands of wheat and every one of them had the top node bent at 45 degrees…not 30 or 60…but ALL at 45.

I could not find a single one that was not at 45 deg. Two inches outside the formation all were perfectly straight. This circle got my wife’s attention. The red jacket and white hat at 1:00 is Barb and I.

Notice the twist in the crop in my hand…it spun clockwise and then counterclockwise. There were several like that. That would take a dedicated hoaxer.

The two white lights in the field ?

These photos were taken an hour or so before we entered the field. You look at them and decide what they are. All I can say for sure is they were not photo-shopped. The pictures were taken by a lady in a microlight airplane shortly after the formation occurred. The lady stepped of the microlight aircraft and the images were taken straight off her camera flash memory. This was the same microlight I flew in, so I know there was no way to manipulate a picture in flight, in this little airplane.

Adams Grave

A cool formation that the farmer got pissed off…and mowed it all down before we got there. A common occurrence.

Cherhill Down

This was believed to be a man-made circle. Notice the crop is broken, not bent and inflamed at the node. In hind-sight I realized when I was in a man-made one I did not take many pictures. They were just different – ugly…Nothing magical. But I wish I would have taken more pictures to be able to show the difference better.

This is where our car got robbed. They broke the passenger side window and stole Barb’s purse. Try turning off credit cards from British pubs 🙂


We heard of a brand new formation 2.5 hours north of us in the morning. We headed right for it…it was out of the mainstream crop circle area.. It took 4.5 hours for an American not used to roundabouts. By far 1 of the 2 the coolest formations I was in. The flow of the crop was insane. No human could have done this. In fact almost no one lives near it. I understand Rheology (the science of flow)…this was beautiful.

There was another circle in the same field outside this formation. I can promise you no human could have made it…no one could get to it – there was standing water everywhere from all the rain. I tried to walk to it but it was impossible in the mud.  No other signs of any footprints anywhere.


Yes crop circles show up in the exact location and shape 2 years later. Look closely.

How would a human do that?

St. Bernard

Ready for this one ? The crazy castle showed up first…then the angel crescent attached itself to it a week later.

So how would humans have done that? There were tourists inside the 1st one every day.

You can tell from my pictures you can not possibly see what the formation looks like from the ground. This is typical.

Waden Hill

Again impossible to depict from the ground what the aerial view looks like.

Waneburough Plain

4 dimensional geometry

West Woods


A man-made fake one. It felt fake from the air and the ground. This car was seen the day before camping at this location


This one showed up the day before we left. It was 2 fields away from the airfield. We drove over to see it after I landed but there was a guy and his dog in a car saying “on behalf of the owner, no one can enter.”




Of course I will receive lots of abuse without trying to make any conclusions – But here is my opinion based on reading a lot of research, going there myself, and talking to the researchers who have spent 20-30 years researching this phenomena.

1 – Based on evidence most researchers agree 95% of known crop formations are not man-made.

2 – Bent nodes are nearly impossible to do by man-made means and hold a 45 degree angle on all of them.

3 – The complexity in rheology, math, and beauty is hard for it to be man-made in the beautiful ones

4 – It fried my camera

5 – On the ground a simple circle has to be a complex shape to appear as a circle from the air because the ground is not flat. How many drunk pub guys can do that math ?

6 – Intrinsic motivation.

I have a list of about 20 items but stopped at 6….because I am tired of writing.

The lack of intrinsic motivation seems to me the biggest indicator that not all, and probably most, are not man-made. The sceptics will say they are all man made just to make money on books, CD, and tourists. But the largest crop formation conference in the world had 150 people there. They maybe sold $5000 in books among 6 authors.

There were 3 Americans there; Barb and I and calculus teacher from Washington State.

It was freaking cold, rainy, and muddy at at 2:00 in the afternoon when I was researching them. Who is getting up at 2:00 am to make these ?

Thousands of them over thousands of years. And to keep increasing the complexity with heavy, heavy math involved ?

The 2 best web sites I know that track the formations;

p.s. Those of you that know me…yes there are no doubt 20 typos :)…let me know where they are at please.



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  1. OK Kreskin! No verbal abuse, YET!

    So if they are not man made (fake) then lets hear your theory, (based on your study and experience) on how they did get there?

  2. Mark,
    Fascinating report of some incredible formations! I have to say, I’m still pretty skeptical, but I have less to support my skepticism than you present to support that they aren’t man made!

    I guess it’s going to sake a trip across the pond for me!

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  4. Well done mate !!I`m heading over there for a month this year for the seosan Dissapointing in England so far this yea,r a few good genuine ones, most have obvious geometry flaws, if the they were not posted anywhere, maybe they would loose interest in creating them as one aspect, on the other, maybe they are just trying to get a communication back from them

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