Crush Corn Christmas Contest

Throughout most of his life, Christopher Muldoon (Corn), a legend in his own mind, has lived under the delusion that he is an outstanding golfer. Friends and family have known for years about his illness, but have found no cure to date.

A charity “intervention” event will be held to try and re-introduce Corn back to reality by demonstrating to him that he is an average hacker at best. The charity event will be held Saturday December 27th at 10:30 am at the Cocoa Beach Golf Course.


For him to be humiliated by losing to his local friends may seem harsh, but no intervention is ever easy.

Famous Corn Quotes:

“I dominated that course today”
Reality check = Score 91

“Chris Muldoon does not loose golf balls”
Reality check = average 3 lost balls per round

“Let me tell you something Fox, I have never hit a shot that bad before”
Reality check = Every 3rd shot looks that bad

“My golf swing can’t get much prettier”
Reality check = His swing looks like munchkin swinging a 8-foot 4X4

“Let me tell you something Fox, the stock market is going to crash again in the next month”
Reality check = This intervention is desperately needed, the delusion is spreading – He is a used car salesman giving financial advice.

“I may not be the best golfer in the world, but I am certainly the best of all the Muldoon’s”
Reality check = That’s because Cecelia doesn’t play

Rules of the Contest
TBD by Romano

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  1. That’s Classic!!!! Can’t wait to be involved in the festivities. Nothing that you stated here isn’t accurate. Remember, I’ve had to live with it my whole life. As Cosell once said, “Down goes Corn, Down goes Corn.”

  2. And God forbid if you commit the gravest of sins by calling him during a golf game, as a case in point during a recent game in Marietta, Georgia over Thanksgiving has evidenced. You will become the sole reason why he endured the worst golf fame of his amateur career. And he will never let you forget it, as subsequent phone calls since that momentous and tragic event, have verified. Best of luck, ladies and gentlemen, in this most necessary and important intervention to reintroduce Corn’s feet back to Mother Earth. Just make sure Ceal is there to ensure the Corn-meister’s lowly position in the golfing world’s pecking order.
    Yours truly,

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