Day Before Irene

The day before a hurricane, is not the best time to be born.

Not if you’re a Sea Turtle anyway.

Here is what the ocean in Cocoa Beach looked like yesterday.



Here is what it looks like today.

• Pay attention to the guys trying to paddle out, I think one of them may have drowned
• The girl on the boggy board took a beating like a ragdoll
• The Kite Boarder is pretty crazy



The baby Sea Turtle at the end was a loner.

No brothers or sisters around, they all left without him. I had to drop the camera suddenly because 6 seagulls were getting ready to dive at him.

I know you are not supposed to intervene and handle them. Maybe nature says I should have let him be a snack, but I couldn’t do it. So I picked him up and waded out as far as I could to let him go.

But what if the only reason the seagulls saw him was because they saw me looking at him. Then I had to intervene. Good, now I feel OK about it.

I am supposed to go to Marsh Harbor, Abacos Bahamas, next Wednesday, to sail on a catamaran for a week for my 50th birthday. However some bitch name Irene is about to pounce right on top of where my boat is waiting for me.



I guess it is a good thing I am not there NOW, that my vacation was planned for next week not this week.

Maybe there is something to that “timing is everything” cliché.

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  1. Which bitch hurricane was it that showed up for your 18th?

  2. Hello Mark,
    Off subject here, I came across one of your Random Thoughts that I robbed: How to give a Killer Speach. I had copied it into a Word document and tucked it into a resource file. It was refreshing to read it again. How did your speech go at TRIZCON 2010?

    Thanks for all you share,


  3. The TRIZCON speech went great, thanks for asking

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