Easter Bunny at Christmastime

Which is more inescapable?

Death Valley in July


Santa is December

No I am not some kind of Scrooge; I just want to show you an example of how you can use deliberate creativity.

A tool to help you think “how to think.”

If you’re running holiday advertising with some version of St. Nick, you may need a few new stocking stuffers.

Differentiate yourself from the competition by using the power of TRIZ. It allows you to view the world from a different perspective.

The 40 “Lenses” of TRIZ allow you to see things differently. Like the proverbial Rose-Colored Glasses, but in this case we are not looking at the world with a delusional positive view, we are looking for creative solutions to real problems.

Let’s look at recent example.

TRIZ Lens 13 is “The Other Way Round” and it is applied pretty much the way it sounds. Do it backwards, apply the opposite…or go the other way round to be different and creative.

So how could we do the opposite for a radio commercial at Christmastime?

I applied the lens of “Other Way Round” to a client of mine: Amish Furniture Outlet.


This lead me to think:

“What is another holiday symbol I could use to substitute for Santa?

What would be unexpected?

Ah – Easter Bunny!

Wait a minute. Is the Easter Bunny a boy or girl? Hum. Not sure.

Googled it. No clear answer.

I decide to go with girl. Mostly because they sound better than us guys. OK if I am going to use a women’s voice, applying “Other Way Round” again I’ll use a voice that in non-American sounding. Throw in a little humor here and there and presto!”

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“Easter Bunny here. Yeah it’s Christmas. But Amish Furniture figured you’re ‘so-over’ that Beet-Red, bag of wind. Come on – That Kringle clown’s not even real.
Amish Furniture Outlet hired me as their spokesrabbit for this holiday season. Why ? because at Amish Furniture you get the unexpected.
You won’t find that rickety, saw dust, press-on nail furniture those other’s guys push on you. Amish Furniture Outlet only makes hand-made, solid wood furniture, designed and built specifically for you.


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