Fraud Alert – Anglican Church of southern Africa

Be aware of this internet fraud that is targeting keynote speakers. Here are some of the type of correspondence you will receive like I did;

Here was my final response:)

When I spoke to the FBI, they were well aware of you and your scam for many months and are working with your local law enforcement. They assured me they have your IP address, your names, and physical location and will be making arrests very soon. I have worked at google and have friends there….they have confirmed to me they have been working with the FBI as well and have been monitoring your gmail account for a long time. It is comforting to know you will rot in hell.


Bishop Thabo Makgoba <>

Gods blessing , We hope this message meets you in good health. I am
Thabo Makgoba, Archbishop of Anglican Church of southern Africa. On
behalf of the Church, I am elated to inform you that we would love to
engage your services to speak and educate our congregation as our goal
of organizing this seminar is to enact success & leadership traits
plus motivation in our congregation which consists business-minded
personnels, sports aspiring youths and illustrious women. The event is
billed for the month July 2015.

Please, we would gladly like for you to convey to us your
availability for the Month of July 2015 as it will well fit in your
schedule.Also, please we would as well appreciate if you get in-touch
with us in ample time so we can start corresponding the details.

Thank you very much and expecting to hear from you soon.

Remain Blessed.


Thank you very much,I have a few more details to share
with you so you can have more insight on the conference and what the
church stands for as a whole.

The Diocese have always been involved in new and inspiring
developments,organizing this conference is one of the few events we
are coordinating in which helps us connect with people and turn their
lives around positively.Inviting a speaker from overseas is something
that will go along way in boosting the morals of our congregation and
inspiring them, I am well aware real motivation is from
inside,motivational talks only stimulates so as for the ‘inside’
motivation to exert to the exterior, this, we are looking forward to
experiencing when you come for this conference. We are expecting
upliftment and the overall boost in morale of attendees. The lecture
will be published in this year’s edition of our ‘World Awareness’
magazine which we are just launching and copies can be obtained at
Pretoria office.

With a Church uniting as One Big Family, We have been able to draw
people closer to the word and also try to teach them values with which
they can survive the world. It is due to this age-long ritual that we
have decided to organize a conference such as this since the doctrine
of the Church lectures has evolved over the years we are proud to say
we are keeping the hope alive! We will have over a thousand people in

We organized this seminar and workshop also in the hope of
enlightening our congregation, to motivate them, mentor them on how to
achieve set goals and how to grow despite all odds and remain
steadfast, how to overcome personal and business obstacles and still
remain standing after the storm. We had Jackie Pullinger MBE, author
of ‘Chasing the Dragon’ over from HongKong for a dinner speech on the
12th of December last year and it was very entertaining and
spirit-filled. We are expecting the speech to last for about
60mins-90mins and a question & answer session thereafter.The  event is
billed to hold on the 8th – 10th of July this year,you are to choose
which of the three days is convenient for you to speak and if you will
be available to speak for the three days, we will be more than glad as
long as it fits in to our budget.

You were fingered to speak at this event on the recommendation of
our outreach program member in diaspora and after checking your
credentials and after reading blogs about you, we received the Lords
direction to invite you to speak in this event and we also believe you
are more than capable to deliver in this occasion.

The conference theme carefully chosen by the Lords’ inspiration due
to the backdrop of the present situation here in  South Africa and
next year’s Seminar has been tagged. ‘Surpassing your limits:
Attaining the unattainable’.
You can email us the keynote you would like to speak on as we
would want you to be convenient with the keynote topic so we decided
it would be better you choose it yourself as long as its motivational
and inspiring! We will as well need your bio to put up on our website
and start to design posters as well as hand bills.

We are offering USD 15,000.00 excluding all other expenses .This
fee is the net speaking fee allocated by our sponsors.
All travel arrangements such as Flight fare, Speaking fee deposit
as well as Hotel accommodation will be taken care of by us as soon as
you honor this invitation. The events committee will send you all
binding documents including a Letter of Invitation and Contract
Agreement as well.
Email us in ample time and any questions you may have so we can move ahead.


Thanks for writing,Together we will make this event a huge
success.We are sure you will have a tremendous impact on our audience
and we will also do our best to be a blessing unto you. Cape Town
South Africa is such a beautiful city and we believe you will have a
wonderful time down here as there are lots of site attractions.You can
reach me directly on the telephone on +27614049039. You can always
call during the day before 8pm South Africa time .The event is being
held here in Cape Town South Africa , Right here in the Church

We are glad you will be available to speak on the 8th, that way you
will be the opening speaker at this event and you will also have the
opportunity to be part of the great team that will be launching the
new Church auditorium alongside the great Desmond Tutu. You will be
speaking for 60-90 minutes including Question and Answer session . If
you will be available for the next day we can organize a workshop and
also a picture and autograph session .

I believe our proposed speaking honorarium is accepted,After your
confirmation email or phone call,I will have the Church event
organizing committee contact you with more information about this
event as well as binding document which includes the Church official
letter of invitation and contract agreement .They will contact you in
regards payment and other information too .

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