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“If you don’t want to be average, why do you insist on being normal?”

My friend and colleague Roy Williams made that statement to me about 6 years ago.

It is one of the most powerful, thought provoking statements I have ever heard.

I use the principle behind it everyday to challenge myself and my clients to stop being so freaking boring. Boring doesn’t work.

I recently did a webinar on how to develop E-mail campaigns and marketing messages using this concept. The webinar was for the clients of TreeHouse Interactive a software firm that specializes in Marketing, Reseller, and Sales Software.

What does Sex in the City, a deer in the headlights, The Great Gazoo, KISS and comedian Ron White have in common?

Watch the video and find out.  (here is a copy of the slides if you want to follow along); Slides

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Mark L. Fox is a leading authority on teaching practical creative thinking techniques for business. Mark was the youngest Chief Engineer ever on the Space Shuttle program at the age of 31. He received NASA’s highest recognition of “Launch Honoree” at the age of 23. Mark has an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering with an MBA. Having held top management positions in Rocket Science, Aircraft Hydraulics, Engineering Services, Customer Service, Software, and e-Business, Mark has an extremely diversified background.

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