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Is telepathy possible?

I argue that it has to exist.

Anytime you have fluxuating electrical current it will generate a magnetic field around it. In turn, the magnetic field generates another electrical current. And the process repeats itself indefinitely.

Not a single 8th grade science teacher would dispute this.

It is what we call electromagnetic radiation and it is all around us. Visible light, microwaves, X-rays, and radio waves are all electromagnetic radiation; the only difference is their wavelengths.

So is it with brain waves.

There is a flurry of electrical current in our brains 24/7. The frequency is pretty low, around 5-30 Hz but no doubt they are there. They have been measured 1000’s of times in hospitals, labs, and clinics all around the world.

So why can’t we read each other’s minds with ease?

I believe it is because the power level of these brain waves are too low and quite frankly most people’s “receivers” just are not tuned fine enough. At least this is true for some people, but not all.

But what if a room full of like minds came together in one place and thought about the same thoughts at the same time?  Could our collective brain waves sync up and increase the amplitude to a point that it could be more easily received?

That was just the question Ben Mack had asked me at Good Energy Day on 9/9/9 at Albany State University.

Here is a podcast of Ben’s interview with me. Be prepared to have an open mind. (p.s. It is a ½ hour long, so you may want to watch the videos first.)

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Thousands of “things” have been showed to naturally sync up together; the flash of fireflies, women’s menstrual cycles, and even non-living things.

In the video below, I have reproduced an experiment by Steven Strogatz based on his wonderful book called Sync. In this experiment, I take 2 metronomes, those little upside down pendulum thingy’s musicians use to keep a consistent beat. I adjusted them to identical frequencies or rhythms. Then I intentionally off-set them so the are not in sync.

The two metronomes are sitting on top of a book that sits on top of two empty water bottles. Because the book can move back and forth on the bottles, it is allows the metronomes to “talk” to each other through mechanical vibrations.

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Non-living things talking to each other.

If a non-living thing can sync up naturally without anything being “in charge” could a room full of like minds do the same?

How about a group on animals?

I think we see it nature all the time.

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