Power of Play

Freedom is actually a bigger game than power. Power is about what you can control, but freedom is about what you can unleash.

But what about the Power of Play? What good could possible come from all this screwing around?

Brooks Lambert and friends were lounging in the back yard grilling some steaks and drinking some beer. The conversation slipped towards fun and crazy stuff, like most beer conversation do.

“There has got to be an easier way to sneak beer into the ball games.”

That line started the snowball rolling down the hill; how could we do it? What would it be made of? What would it look like?

The conversation lead to the idea of making a belly pouch out of wetsuit material. You know, the stuff scuba divers and surfers wear. Of course this makes sense, Lambert and his friends were surfers. After several more beers they went into the garage and got an old wet suit. They started cutting it into various patterns and started playing around with duct tape.

Awe…the Power of Play.

All this goofing off lead to the Beer Belly.

Beer Belly 










The Beerbelly consists of a sling and a bladder. The sling is adjustable, made of neoprene which insulates and feels like skin to the touch under your clothes. The bladder holds up to 80oz. of your beverage of choice and fits in a custom shaped pouch in the sling. When worn under your clothes you just look like a dude with a beer belly, or pregnant if you’re a lady. You can use the Beerbelly to hold either cold or hot beverages. The bladder has a wide mouth opening for adding ice for Margaritas, and to simplify cleaning.

What will they think of next?

Well in the spirit of What Else? What Next?, they came up with the Wine Rack.










The Wine rack can turn an “A” cup into a “D” cup and it’s a lot cheaper than a boob job.

You can take a bottle’s worth of wine, a mixed drink or even a fifth of your favorite hard stuff to the movies, concerts, ball games, even PTA meetings.

These guys have been on the Today Show, Sport Illustrated, CNN, Washington Post, Maxim, New York Post, Rachel Ray, and Playboy.

Yeah, that’s right. Lambert got invited to the Playboy Mansion.

Who said no good could come from all this screwing around?

 Me and the Beer Belly









p.s. Yes these sort of things need to be tested.

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