Profitable Persuasion

Most salesmen do not know how to sell.

Steve Clark does.

In his new book Profitable Persuasion, Steve has condensed nearly 30 years of selling experience into one simple, easy to read “How To” book. He has distilled down all of the successful strategies and tactics and thrown out everything else.

Put the hay Down Where the Goats Can Get it.

That is the subtitle and the theme he uses throughout the book; simple, straight forward tools and techniques to sell more of your stuff. No flashy theories or philosophies, just meat and potatoes here.

There are a million business books on “Sales” out there, but this one is different.

Steve suggests that one off the most under-utilized assets you have is your existing customers. Provide them a new, unique offering of your products and services and simply ask for referrals. Most people forget this simple tactic.

There is so much negative press out there about how bad the economy is. Really? Everywhere I go there sure seems to be a lot of people still spending money.

I know I am.

Are the crowds as big as they used to be? In some places, well no, but there is still a crowd.

The ice cream line at Disney World is still 10 minutes long.

Quit blaming the slow down of the economy, Obama, Citigroup, GM, or anyone else.

Get off you ass and work twice as hard. Put a plan together of what you want and go after it.

Some pretty basic stuff.

Below is a short interview I did with Steve about his book and some ideas to get you out of your business rut.

He said we are a “Nation of Quitters.” At first it pissed me off a little. You might feel the same way. But you know what, they truth hurts. He is right in many ways.

Every person I see on the evening news who says “Well of course I walked away from my house; it is not worth as much now as when I bought it….duh?”

I want to punch these losers in the gut.

I owe a hell of a lot more on my home than it is worth, but that is they way the cookie crumbles. If everyone drove their car off the cliff because it is worth less than when you bought it, we would have the world’s largest junk yard.

Stop whining and take responsibility for your success.

Start by listening to Steve ideas in the video below, then go read his new book.

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