Russian River Festival

Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival. We went on Saturday to the Jazz day. Weather was supposed to be hot and ugly, but an overcast lingered around all day and made it perfectly comfortable.

Highlights included:

  • $100 a night for a cabin at River Bend Campground…no sheets, pillows or blankets and you still had to pay a $1 in quarters to take a shower. Location, location, location I guess.



    • Some lady with an illegal tall chair added to the drama by mounting an umbrella to the back of it – blocking the view. Almost a cat fight right out of the gate from the girl behind her. She asked her politely to bring the umbrella down and the bitch lady told her she was being rude and should mind her own business.
    • I had the brilliant idea of recruiting 9 other guys and walking by in single file, each tripping and spilling a beer on her – 10 beers in 10 seconds was my vision. I could not recruit enough people at $8 a beer 🙁
    • Some of the best music I have heard in years – Mike Phillips, Dave Coz and Rick Braun together, etc.
    • People were smoking pot all day…….Not sure what the guy with the yellow scarf was on…

  • The next day I was informed by Barb that if you are within 5 miles, it is highly illegal to NOT go to Korbel Winery for a glass of champagne.





Took the long way home


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