Tiger Woods – He’s not Perfect

“Look straight ahead Tommy. He will be coming right up the hill any second. He’ll be just 10 feet in front of you. Can you believe it?

Do you see him yet?

Wait……. any second now.”

It’s the 2nd day of the Bayhill Classic Golf Tournament. Standing on the west side of the 7th tee box, all attention is locked on the walkway that leads from the previous # 6 green. It’s about 150 feet away and 30 feet lower in elevation.

His mother has brought the boy to witness the giant. The lack of any father figure accompanying them seems apparent. But this is her son’s big day.

The entire crowd has helped and encouraged the 7 year old to slither forward to a ring side seat. “Go ahead it’s OK.”

Letting him through makes everyone feel good. Winks and nods are juggled back and forth.

The Nike TW logo bobs over the edge of the grass. In an uphill swagger towards us, Tiger Woods sprouts to life as he steps on to the green stage.

WOW! Do you see him Tommy? There he is. It’s him. It’s Tiger Woods!”

A single bird’s song is the only break in silence. The “rock star of sports” addresses the ball. Monstrous backswing. Tightly sprung energy explodes as the ball vanishes into the grey sky.

“GOD DAMMIT……TIGER!!!!!!!”……….Woods screams. tiger

Apparently he is not a happy camper. No one says a word.

Tommy turns and looks up at me with his mouth wide open as a new born sparrow.

If you had seen his face, you’d have thought Tommy just saw Santa Claus gun-down his grandma for her purse.

Twice now, I have scene Tiger Woods play in person. Not once have I ever seen him smile or wave at a fan. Sports Casters will tell you it’s because he is a fierce competitor. I think it is because he is arrogant. I know he is the best in the world…but still.

He has forgotten long ago, that us pesky gnats that swarm around him are the sole reason he doesn’t make $32,000 a year and drive a Ford F150.

Peter Lonard steps into the tee box and notices a little girl sitting in the front row. Without a 2nd thought, he immediately squats down like a baseball catcher. He gently rolls the ball he has been playing for the first 6 holes to the little girl and smiles.

Padraig Harrington stops in the crowd on his way to the putting green. He signs autographs for 20 minutes in a slow motion dance towards the practice area. As he exits the crowd, several kids hell “MR. HARRINGTON!”

In the frenzy he has not realized there are kids behind him, not just in front of him. “Sorry guys I have to get to work now.”

Understandable….at least he did what he could.

Fred Couples plucks a swatch of grass and tosses it into the air to check the winds. He turns to his Caddy, “So what do you think?”

“Who cares….you’re 11 over par today!”

They both laugh.

Yes they are the best golfers in the world. But they’re still human.

Some more than others.

Tiger is not perfect. Neither am I. Neither are you.

Get over it.

Mark L. Fox

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  1. Eldrick Woods has indeed done a lot for the sport of golf! He has increased interest in the sport for a new generation of golfers. And yes, he has made a whole hell of a lot of money doing it! BUT, it is instances like this that simply should not be tolerated by him or any other overpaid athlete. Like it or not they are HUGE role models for these kids and should be held to a higher standard of conduct. You can see and sometimes hear Tigey swear and act like this several times each round. You would think now that he is a so called family man he would act a little more responsible.

    And besides all that HE DIDN’T WIN THE BAY HILL! OHARE CAVED IN AND HANDED IT TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tiger really is the best golfer in the world, but I agree, he needs to relax and enjoy the moment. He is going to turn 50 and have shattered all the records in golf, but not enjoyes any of it because he is so uptight.

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