What Else? What Next?

Four words that can make you a lot of money.

These are two simple questions you need to ask yourself when you are developing or improving your products and services. When you have a pending sale with a customer, what else besides the basic product or service can your offer? What else would add value to your customers? What else could you do for them that would generate goodwill and positive word of mouth for your business?

Let’s look at some examples; What if you were a realtor and you had a potential buyer for one of your listings? Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What else do they need?

If your customer is moving from another state, they probably have needs such as;

• Finding a new doctor
• Finding a new dentist
• Information on local schools
• New furniture?
• Map of local sex offenders
• Distance to grocery stores
• Things to do

You get the idea.

Someone moving to a new neighborhood has lots of needs besides just buying a home. A lot of other things influence that decision. As a realtor, how could you best offer additional services to help improve your customer’s move experience?

Most realtors could care less about you personally. Can you imagine the extra mileage, trust, and loyalty you would gain by helping them with these items? Maybe you could get a referral fee from Doctors and Dentists for recommending the best ones in town and at the same time build more trust with your customer.

Get it?

It simple really. What else can you offer your customers that no one else in your industry is offering?

Now be careful. There can be a slippery slope here. You don’t want to be seen as the sleaze-ball salesman that is just piling on as many options as he can think of to drive up the price. When you look a Car Sales Sticker, you know the ones that give you “Sticker Shock”….Look closely, you will likely see a line item called “ADP”.

ADP stands for Additional Dealer Profit.

Those Bastards.

Also don’t be the typical auto repair shop or telesales rep…. “But wait…there’s more!”

You’ll know when what you are offering is genuine and when it’s not. Help them experience an overall better relationship with you built on trust.

You want a relationship, not a transaction.

What Next? comes after the sale is complete.

What do you do for your customers after a week, month, year? What is your follow up strategy? Do you ask for genuine feedback on their experience with you? Do you take the time to make a personal call? When was the last time you sent a hand-written thank you note? Did you jot down the names of their kids?

Did you fulfill your promise to them?

Can you imagine a realtor calling you one year after you have bought the house just to see how things are going?

I can’t imagine that either.

Here’s how you do it;

Pull a group together of 8-12 folks for a Brainstorming Session. Write the words…What Else? at the top of the page.

Then brainstorm for an hour. You should come up with about a 100 ideas. Pick the top 3 and go test them. See how much of a difference it makes.

Next week, hold another session. This time focus on What Next?

I promise you your competitors are not smart enough to do this.

Are you?

Mark L. Fox

About admin

Mark L. Fox is a leading authority on teaching practical creative thinking techniques for business. Mark was the youngest Chief Engineer ever on the Space Shuttle program at the age of 31. He received NASA’s highest recognition of “Launch Honoree” at the age of 23. Mark has an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering with an MBA. Having held top management positions in Rocket Science, Aircraft Hydraulics, Engineering Services, Customer Service, Software, and e-Business, Mark has an extremely diversified background.


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